The Rotary Club of Bathurst Daybreak approached our Centre to support the club’s initiative and implementation of this project. CWWHC will be managing the project working in collaboration with the Rotary Club, the Bathurst Family Violence Awareness Group and other identified community partners.

The project aims to:

  1. Raise awareness within the Bathurst community about family violence.
  2. Increase understanding within the Bathurst community about the impact of gender inequality and gender stereotyping, and the link this has to family violence.
  3. Explore strategies within the Bathurst community to a make a positive difference to family violence, at home, in the workplace and the community in general.

CWWHC hopes to work with the Bathurst community to deliver their facilitated discussions, “Making a Difference to Domestic/Family Violence in our Community” and build on this with the development of a more extensive community education package. We will be specifically focusing on the two key drivers of domestic/family violence – gender inequality and gender stereo-typing.

The project hopes to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. A measurable change in community attitudes to family violence and gender inequality, resulting in improved responses to family violence in the Bathurst community.
  2. A community that values men and women equally, demonstrated by a commitment to gender equity through appropriate policies, workplace practices, and a culture of zero-tolerance for sexist behaviour.
  3. A safer community for women and their children.


The Miranda Project

The Miranda Project is an innovative, gender specific approach to crime prevention targeting women with complex needs who are at risk of breaking the law or re-offending. It aims to do this through the establishment of a holistic inclusive support service.

The service will assist women to desist from offending, function as a diversionary program and provide post-release support for those returning to the community.

The Project is an initiative of the Corrective Services NSW Women’s Advisory Council and a project of the Community Restorative Centre and will be run in partnership with four women’s health and support services in NSW, including CWWHC.

Please go to the Community Restorative Centre’s Miranda Project website or click here for more information.


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