Work and Developement Orders

What is a Work and Development Order?

Work and Development Orders (WDO) are made by Revenue NSW to allow eligible people to satisfy their fines through unpaid work with an approved organisation or by undertaking certain courses or treatment.

You may be eligible for a WDO if at least one of the following applies to you.
If you:
• have a mental illness
• have an intellectual disability or cognitive impairment
• are homeless or living in temporary accommodation
• are experiencing acute economic hardship,
• have a serious drug/alcohol/volatile substance addiction
• are under 18

What fines can I include in a WDO?

A WDO can be used to pay off outstanding fines that were issued in NSW including penalty notices, court fines, and Victims Restitution Orders.

If you are eligible to apply for a WDO, fines already with Revenue NSW will be automatically included.

If a WDO is issued, no further enforcement costs will be applied, as long as you comply with all of the conditions.

Type of Activity

Central West Women’s Health Centre Inc. is an approved organisation and we currently offer opportunities for people to pay off their fines through either:

  • education, vocational or life skills courses such as Introducing Mindfulness, the Wellness Garden, and Domestic violence groups.
  • counselling with one of our Generalist Counsellors

How will my debt be reduced?

Reduction of fines debt will be determined by the activity completed as part of the WDO.


ActivityCut-out Rate
Educational, vocational or life skills course$50 per hour to a maximum of $1000 per month

$50 per hour to a maximum of $1000 per month


For more information, please contact the Centre on (02) 6331 4133.